Data Analytics (With Artificial Intelligence)

Our experts can help digitize your data so you can gain insights & analysis into your business. We are specialized in Data analysis, Data classification, Data Implementation, Data Visualization

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Software Development

Specialized in Java, Python, PHP, React and Angular technologies we also provide other technology expertise as a true technology agnostic solutions provider with a deep appreciate for technology frameworks.

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Mobile Apps Development

Our team can develop mobile applications, device independent solutions and also integrations with other varied technology platforms.

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Product/ IP Development

Do you have a product concept or even a product stack that has a high cost of ownership? If we can help you manager your IP, white-label existing solutions and ideas, distribute technology services, maintain your product development and release or even create innovative new IP assets that you feel will be a game changer. We are even willing to invest and partner with you as we value long term relationships over quick gains.

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Research & Development

At the heart of our service R&D has a special focus even within our organization. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, technics and approaches that will help you innovate and disrupt by offering services for POC development, MVP creation, Technology Feasibility or even Conceptual Ideation. Along with a strong technology consultancy we could also help create go to market strategies that will help differentiate and create competitive advantage for you and your business stakeholders.

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

We have hands on expertise in open networks, devices and protocols that can create Industrial IOT Based integrated solutions. We can also "Industrial IOT enable" legacy or proprietary systems ensuring your business gains the competitive technology advantage.

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About About

Best in class Technology Talent with a Passion for Innovation.

Delivering High-Quality, Within Aggressive Timelines, At a very Competitive Price

We are accredited with having a mature team consisting of industry experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience servicing Fortune 100 and 500 global clients. As individuals, they have been part of key Digital transformation programs in the Local corporate sector, Governments and Global Conglomerates contributing to the over rapid growth of the ICT sector in Canada.

Built on global best practices we have adopted an ICT strategy based on Lean Delivery and Product Platform Development using cutting edge technology relevant to current ICT demands.

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